What our clients say

In a conversation with our one of our corporate QA/RA people, he suggested I call Jim Dunning at QualPro, now QPC Services, to discuss my situation which I did. I was favorably impressed with Jim’s experience, skill-set and attitude. Jim’s deep understanding of QA/RA arena went beyond the skill-set and expertise that a typical QA/RA Manager of a facility like ours could acquire, and were invaluable to our work product.    — Bill C., VP and General Manager

The leadership provided by QPC Services resulted in a positive change in our company culture. If you are considering hiring a consulting firm for Quality System development or repair, helping bring new product to market, or establishing a Risk Management Program that will withstand FDA inspections, search no more. QPC Services is the firm for you!    — Larry P., Small Medical Device Design and Manufacturer

While rebuilding the entire Quality System as part of an overall remediation strategy, Jim played a key role in the process, acting as a Quality System expert in many key areas. His experience and background were especially important in helping address product related issues. Jim’s knowledge of Risk Management was critically important in helping the company improve overall product performance and provide a foundation for future product development.    — Jim B., VP-Quality System Remediation, Cardiovascular Products

Jim is an outstanding contributor and very knowledgeable about Quality Systems and regulatory requirements. He is also easy to work with and ensures that projects continue to move forward in a timely fashion.    — Eric Wentorf, Senior Project Manager, ProPharma Group

Jim is extremely knowledgeable of all aspects of parts 820, 806 and 803 and is specially adept in implementing compliant, effective and sustainable Quality System solutions. Based on working with him on two large remediation projects, he consistently demonstrates excellent communication skills and the ability to educate and transform clients into compliant and effective organizations.    — Ken Schmidt, Consultant at Biomet 3i

Jim is a good friend and excellent subject matter expert in FDA regulatory compliance. He is highly sought after by clients for his expertise and sound recommendations. He has a well earned reputation for getting the job done thoroughly and with high client satisfaction. People appreciate his jovial nature and it has been a pleasure to work with him. I highly recommend Jim for his knowledge, skills, and professionalism.    — Warren Opfer, Principal Management Consultant and President/CEO of Life Science Services International (LSSI)